Site Management

Once your event is in the build or breakdown phase, you will need an experienced Site Manager. All our Site Managers have many years of event experience, and will ensure the build goes smoothly and safely, in a manner that is mindful of both local residents and health and safety compliance.

The Site Managers’ role is fundamental in ensuring the site is laid out as per the detailed designs prepared by the Production Manager, and approved by the Security Manager.

Security and Event Solutions are one of the very few companies in the UK to integrate provision of production and security services.

This gives your Site Manager and Security Manager a number of unique advantages:

  • Your Site Manager will be aware of all Security requirements well before the event
  • Your Site Manager will design your site in conjunction with your Security Manager meaning a more secure site with improved crowd flow and enjoyment
  • You will nearly always SAVE MONEY by having a site that can be staffed with fewer Security, is easy to access from a Medical perspective, and minimises losses through petty theft, crime or injury.

Of course our Site Management services can be taken as a stand-alone package, but our unique insight into the Security needs of your event is a huge bonus, which sets our Site Management services apart from competitors.