APLH Personal License Course

Attendees of this Personal Licence Course will receive a fully accredited certificate upon successful completion of the examination, which can then be used to apply for the Personal Alcohol Licence to the local licensing authority.


Who requires this qualification?

Personal licence training course, regulated by both Ofqual and the Home Office, has been designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. Furthermore, whilst comprehensively covering the full framework as set down by the Government, this qualification is extremely straight-forward, user-friendly and free from unnecessary jargon. It also provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Achievement of this qualification forms an essential part of the personal licence application in England or Wales. It enables those selling or authorizing alcohol sales to operate both legally and responsibly.



What does the qualification cover?

Modules covered :

The Licencing Act 2003
Personal Licence
Premises Licence
The Protection of children
Powers and enforcement
Temporary Event Notice
Responsibility in alcohol retailing