Health & Safety

Safety legislation is paramount within the events industry, and consequences for non-compliance are unthinkable. Security and Event Solutions was established with the aim of creating safe and enjoyable events – therefore provision of a Safety Officer is a responsibility we take very seriously!

The Safety Officer’s advice will be followed throughout the planning process, and importantly whilst the event site is live. The Safety Officer will work on every aspect of the event prior to doors opening, including risk assessments, the concessions, the technicians, staff welfare and crowd management.

The Safety Officer continues to monitor your event whilst it is open, and reports any issues to your event manager so that they can be swiftly dealt with in adherence to our well-developed processes.

All our Safety Officers not only have many years experience in the field, but are also fully NEEBOSH qualified and insured, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that health and safety is a top priority across your site.